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Mon 27th Mar 2017 - ECU named 'Most Outstanding Global Macro Research and Advisory Firm'

ECU is named 'Most Outstanding Global Macro Research and Advisory Investment Firm' in the March 2017 issue of Acquisition International, and discusses the post-Brexit future of sterling.

Mon 27th Jun 2016 - The vote that ended whingeing to eternity

This decision was never going to be easy for any of us. There were so many issues to contend with, so many differing views, so many scare stories about Brexit and contradictions on what the factual positions were on almost every topic, especially those relating to the economy.

Wed 8th Jun 2016 - Cyclical chart analysis points to a slide in equities in June – will it happen this year?

Ron William, The ECU Group, says the biggest seasonal drop, which occurs in June, is almost upon us. Ron looks at the projected roadmap and adds that we are also now fully in the ‘lame duck’ part of a US presidential cycle.

Thu 28th Apr 2016 - The EU merry-go-round is broken. Time to get off

Think what you will of the merits, or otherwise, of the UK remaining in the EU, the individual arguments for remaining are clearly all converging in on us in a carefully co-ordinated and brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, misinformation and intimidation.

Wed 27th Apr 2016 - Is this the time to go long gold, if so what are the risks?

IG UK Interview: Ron William, senior tactical strategist ECU Group, tells IG that the recent pullback in the price of gold is providing a good opportunity to buy the metal. Ron talks about his target of $1,480 per ounce and highlights the risks.

Mon 4th Apr 2016 - A Brexit is vital for the future of our young people

Some politicians’ claims over what Brexit might have in store for us went from the sublime to the ridiculous last week. In a series of Government speeches worthy of inclusion in a new series of Call My Bluff, it appears Project Fear is rapidly degenerating into Project Fiction.

Thu 31st Mar 2016 - The outlook for gold prices

CNBC Interview: Ron William, senior tactical & market timing strategist at The ECU Group, says there is scope for further upside to gold.

Tue 29th Mar 2016 - Definitely in bear market now

CNBC Interview: Robin Griffiths, Chief Technical Strategist at The ECU Group.

Tue 29th Mar 2016 - Oil could fall back to low $30s or below

A recent rally in oil prices to up and around $40 a barrel has prompted a degree of optimism in some sectors that prices had bottomed out – but not for long.

Sun 27th Mar 2016 - A loveless union can only make for a messy parting of the ways

The Telegraph, by Michael Petley: Think what you must about each of the individual arguments regarding the benefits or otherwise of remaining in the EU, what the UK is also facing is a divorce. There many issues, some big, some small, some overwhelmingly irritating, and some that simply go beyond that self-respecting line in the sand; as with any marriage, the real debate over divorce is seldom a singular one.

Sat 12th Mar 2016 - ECB springs a surprise, but will it work?

George Magnus, Nikkei Asian Review: Economic excitement in global markets is currently centered on the European Central Bank's decision on March 10 to ease monetary policy and conditions significantly. The ECB's announcements and the reaction in the markets will have been closely followed by the Bank of Japan, which is also pursuing negative interest rate policies and rapid quantitative easing.

Tue 1st Mar 2016 - Post-G20, China may end up looking better than its peers

George Magnus: The G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bankers in Shanghai last weekend lived up to traditionally low expectations when it came to co-ordinating policy. Although this charge has stood for some time, it may have been more loaded this time round because of the unfavourable global backdrop against which the meeting was held.

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