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Our Products and Services

ECU’s success has been built around a global macro-economic strategy, developed by the Company in consultation with our prestigious Global Macro Team, members of which advise central banks, governments and major institutions on key worldwide economic and market indicators including monetary policy, capital flows, market intelligence and political trends.

Global Macro Research and Advisory

Providing institutional clients with strategic global investment insight through privileged access to ECU's respected Global Macro Team

ECU offers exclusive access to its Global Macro Team as a group to a small number of institutional/family office clients who appreciate the value of receiving unbiased, unscripted advice at the highest possible level, in a format that can be customised to address the specific needs and concerns of each. The intent is to provide true insight and advice on major turning points in world politics, economics and markets that could materially affect asset performance.

Currency Risk Management and Overlay

Seeking to preserve the international value of money and optimising total returns on globally diversified investment portfolios

ECU offers currency risk management and FX overlay ("hedging") solutions to asset managers, fund of funds, local authorities, institutions and corporates.  "Passive" overlay strategies seek to reduce or eliminate risk from an internationally invested portfolio.  "Active" overlay strategies manage currency risk selectively in order to add value to the overall portfolio.  In general, overlay strategies aim to reduce risk and volatility while maintaining and potentially enhancing returns measured in an investor’s home currency.

Currency Liability Management

Seeking to dissolve debt and save interest on long-term borrowings

Given the extensive movements in currency values we have witnessed over the years, investors and borrowers alike now recognise the potential for profit by incorporating quality currency management strategies and utilising the world’s largest and most liquid market to optimise investment returns and help dissolve debt. ECU is a pioneer in this area since 1988.


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