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Global Macro Advisory

A Global Road Map for Investment Strategy

In an environment of low growth and low yield, there is an ever-increasing need for investment portfolios to diversify within different asset classes and on a global basis. This requires not just understanding the world macro-economic backdrop, but recognising and capturing the driving forces and key turning points that lead on to superior performance.

ECU’s Global Macro Team

In determining our global macro investment policy and thus our currency strategy, ECU have long drawn upon the breadth of experience of our Global Macro Team, members of which contribute their considerable experience from each of their own specialist focal points (be it economics, capital flows, monetary policy, technical analysis, international politics or market intelligence) to help us develop a balanced and informed high-level investment roadmap. The breadth of this collective approach can be seen in ECU’s Investment Process Roadmap (below) in which our recognised currency management skills are just one of many key metrics under review.

Each individual member of the Global Macro Team is highly regarded in the investment industry and renders service to a number of the world’s largest fund managers, central banks and governments. 

 Members of the Global Macro Team 

What We Offer—A Marriage of Skills, Experience and Commitment

In the "new world” of increasing regulatory insight, ECU believes that it will be ever more vital for institutions to receive quality investment advice from independent external sources.

ECU is offering access to its Global Macro Team to a small number of institutional/family office clients which appreciate the value of receiving unbiased, unscripted advice at the highest possible level, in a format that can be customised to address the specific needs and concerns of each. Meetings take place on a quarterly basis in a private session of up to 3 hours length. Sessions are held in camera and the intent is for what is said or discussed to be unscripted and unrecorded—so-called "Chatham House Rule”. In this way opinions can be expressed, and information given, which do not reflect any loyalty or bias to any third party source. The intent is to provide a select number of clients with true insight and advice on major turning points in world politics, economics and markets that could materially affect the performance of their portfolios.

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