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ECU Research

We provide independent research and analysis to advisory clients through our macroeconomic strategies.

House Research
ECU Global Macro Team


Global Macro Research

ECU have long drawn upon the breadth of experience of our Global Macro Team, members of which contribute their considerable experience from each of their own specialist focal points (be it economics, capital flows, monetary policy, technical analysis, international politics or market intelligence) to help us develop a balanced and informed high-level investment roadmap.

The Research and Advisory services of the Global Macro Team are provided to our advisory clients, but we occasionally make papers available if it is in the public interest.

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Global Macro Viewpoint
Neil MacKinnon, Kit Juckes


Global Investment Q&A

Chaired by Andrew Rozanov, we provide a "Start the Week" client-driven Q & A discussion between Neil MacKinnon, ECU's Global Macro Strategy Adviser, and Kit Juckes, ECU's Senior FX & Fixed Income Adviser, focussing on topical issues and driving forces influencing major asset classes.

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FX Strategy
Stephen L Jen


Briefing Notes

Stephen Jen, ECU's Chief FX Strategy Adviser and managing partner of SLJ Macro Partners, provides a more detailed and rigorous study of a key topical investment theme or global market issue.

My Thoughts on Currencies

Stephen delivers a strategic analysis of key global issues driving currency markets.

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Asset Allocation Roadmap
Robin Griffiths


The Big Picture

ECU's Chief Technical Strategist Robin Griffiths takes a look at the longer term trends prevailing in global asset classes.

Asset Allocation Roadmap

Robin uses ECU's proprietary models and qualitative analysis to give monthly strategic opinions and updates.

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Thematic Pieces
Professor Charles Goodhart, George Magnus


Think Pieces

Professor Charles Goodhart, ECU's Economic & Central Bank Policy Adviser, and George Magnus, ECU's Senior Economic Adviser, write topical and thought provoking pieces that explore longer term themes in the market and issues that affect the global economy.

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Our Unique Proposition

Our People

Our leading and broad based macroeconomic research team comprise highly respected and internationally renowned strategists. As a collective, our principal team is actively engaged with and advise the world’s foremost central banks, ministries of finance and leading global institutions.

Market Timing

Our strategists are actively involved in global markets, in the context of managing money and/or risk. Their collective inputs, derived from their own knowledge and proficiency, provide money managers highly pertinent, concise, and timely event driven analysis and direction.

Unbiased Research

Free from conflicts of interest, members of our macroeconomic team provide their independent, unedited and insightful viewpoints, reflecting their individual core competency and deep first-hand knowledge, experience and understanding of the chosen subject matter.


A key element to our top tier research offering is in our ability to offer exclusive access to clients who appreciate the value of receiving unbiased, unscripted advice at the highest possible level, in a format that can be customised to address the specific needs and concerns of each.

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