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Managed CURRENCY Accounts

Risk Warnings

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

A Managed Account is a margin account and is not suitable for everyone. You must fully understand the risks involved in both margin trading and trading in foreign currencies before being accepted as a client. The main risks are summarised below.

  • Foreign exchange movements can be sudden and substantial and a client must be able to tolerate a sizeable loss.
  • At no stage should you be exposed to the high risks of foreign currency trading if you are not able to afford the potential losses that could result from adverse currency movements.
  • Trading in foreign currencies is not suitable for everyone. Clients that have any doubts about the risks involved or their suitability for trading in foreign currencies and investments should consult a suitably qualified independent financial adviser. The ECU Client Agreement will require you to warrant that you have taken independent advice as to your financial suitability for trading in foreign currency, or that you have chosen not to do so.
  • You should be aware that the Account Provider will require additional margin to be paid when demanded and that the Account Provider will reserve the right to close any open positions if this additional margin is not paid.
  • As with all margined products it is possible to incur significant losses and to lose more than the margin in the account at any one time.

Please note that for compliance purposes telephone calls may be recorded.


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