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Managed Currency Accounts

Client Suitability & Eligibility

Client suitability

Managed Currency Accounts are margin accounts which are high risk investments and are not suitable for everyone. Trading on margin is leveraged and may lead to a client losing more than their original investment. It is important that clients do not open an account without fully understanding and accepting all the associated risks.

ECU will explain the risks associated with margin trading in detail with a client and ensure that a client meets ECU's suitability criteria before an account is opened.

Typical client has all or most of the following attributes:

  • Net worth (excluding main residence) of £500,000 (or currency equivalent)
  • The margin invested not representing more than 25% of the client's investible liquid assets
  • Minimum principal earner's income over £100,000 (or currency equivalent) per annum
  • Speculative attitude to risk and a high risk tolerance
  • Sound investment experience or knowledge
  • Client looking to invest "risk capital" (i.e. funds not necessary to the survival or well-being of the client)

Client reporting and market commentary

Clients are able to view their accounts online and should ensure that they are familiar with their Account Provider's reporting process. Clients should contact their Account Provider directly for full information.

ECU will send clients a quarterly statement of account and performance fee invoices (if applicable) in accordance with the fee basis included in the Client Agreement.

ECU also writes a regular blog on this website and distributes periodic publications such as monthly newsletters.

Frequency of trading

Trading frequency may vary depending on market conditions and cannot be predicted.

Risk Warnings

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